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Current test is California - Class C. Random 10 question out of a pool of 120 questions.

1. When driving around a curve you should:

    Slow into it and accelerate out of it.
    Accelerate into it.
    Coast all the way around it.

2. If you have a green light, but traffic is blocking the intersection:

    Stay out of the intersection until traffic clears.
    Enter the intersection and wait until traffic clears.
    Murge into another lande and try to go around the traffic.

3. When driving at the speed limit in one of the center lanes of a multi-laned highway and a vehicle behind you blows its horn or flashes its lights, you should:

    Change lanes when safe and let the vehicle pass.
    Maintain your position and speed.
    Speed up.

4. When a traffic signal light isn't working at an intersection, you should:

    Come to a complete stop, then proceed when it is safe.
    Stop before entering and let all other traffic go first.
    Slow down or stop, if necessary.

5. Which of these statements is true about slippery road surfaces?

    Driving on wet leaves on the road will give you extra traction.
    On cold days, shade from building/trees can hide spots of ice.
    The pavement is less slippery when it first starts to rain on a hot day than it is afterwards.

6. You may legally park your car:

    At the corner in an intersection.
    Accross a sidewalk if you are partially in a driveway.
    In a bicycle lane if there is no sign forbidding it.

7. Driving under the influence of any medication which impairs your driving is premitted:

    Under no circumstances.
    If you don't feel drowsy.
    If it is prescribed by a physician.

8. Give extra space to drivers backing out of driveways or parking spaces because:

    They may not see you
    They have the right-of-way.
    It is requited by law.

9. At intersections, crosswalks, and railroad crossings, you should always:

    Stop, listen, and proceed cautiously.
    Look to the sides of your vehicle to see what is coming.
    Slowly pass vehicles that seem to be stopped for no reason.

10. For which of the following traffic lights must you always stop your vehicle?

    Solid Red lights, flashing red lights, and blacked-out traffic signals.
    Solid red lights, red arrows, and flashing yellow lights.
    Solid red lights, flashing red lights, and yellow signs.

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