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Current test is California - Class C. Random 10 question out of a pool of 120 questions.

1. If you become sleepy while driving, the best thing to do is to:

    Open a window to let in fresh air.
    Stop and sleep.
    Turn on the car radio.

2. You are on the freeway and traffic is merging into your lane. You should:

    Make room for the merging traffic, if possible.
    Always slow down to let the vehicles merge.
    Maintain your speed and position.

3. The speed limit for a school zone where children are present is _____, unless otherwise posted.

    15 mph
    20 mph
    25 mph

4. You may drive in a bike lane:

    During rush hour traffic if bicycles are not present.
    No more than 200 feet before making a right turn.
    Whnever bicyclists are not present.

5. You may drive off of the paved roadway to pass another vehicle:

    If the shoulder is wide enough to accommodate your vehicle .
    If the vehicle ahead of you is turning left.
    Under no circumstances.

6. For which of the following traffic lights must you always stop your vehicle?

    Solid Red lights, flashing red lights, and blacked-out traffic signals.
    Solid red lights, red arrows, and flashing yellow lights.
    Solid red lights, flashing red lights, and yellow signs.

7. You are on a two-way road and the vehicle ahead of you is turning left into a driveway. You may legally pass the vehicle on the right:

    If there is enough road between the curb and the vehicle.
    Even if you must drive on the shoulder to do so.
    Even if you must cross a solid white line painted on the road.

8. When looking ahead while driving, you should:

    Stare at the middle of the road.
    Look directly in frount of your car.
    Scan from side to side.

9. If, for some reason, your right wheels get off the pavement onto the soft or depressed shoulder, you should:

    Steer straight ahead while slowing.
    Push down hard on your brakes.
    Pull your car sharply to the right.

10. You may not park your vehicle:

    On the side of the freeway in an emergency.
    Next to a red painted curb.
    Within 100 feet of an elementary school.

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