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Current test is California - Class C. Random 10 question out of a pool of 120 questions.

1. You must notify DMV within 5 days if you:

    Sell or transfer your vehicle.
    Paint your vehicle a different color.
    Modify your vehicle's exhaust system.

2. The safest precaution that you can take regarding the use of cellular phones and driving is:

    Use hands-free devices so you can keep both hands on the steering wheel.
    Keep your phone within easy reach so you won't need to take your eyes off the road.
    Pull over to the side of the road to use your cellular phone.

3. If there is a deep puddle in the road ahead, you shuld:

    Maintain the posted speed to make it through the water.
    Steer your vehicle around the water, if possible.
    Shift into neutral as you drive through the water.

4. When you see this sign, you should:

    Always stop at the crosswalk
    Stop at the crosswalk until a crossing guard signals you to go.
    Be prepared to stop if pedestrians are in the crosswalk.

5. Your wheels should be pointed straight ahead, unless you are:

    Waiting to make a left turn at a traffic light.
    Parked on a hill or sloping driveway.
    Parked on the side of a level roadway and there is no curb.

6. You are getting ready to make a right turn. You should:

    Always stop before making a right turn.
    Signal during the last 100 feet before you turn.
    Slow down and signal as you start your turn.

7. When driving on a multilane street with other vehicles:

    Drive alongside the other vehicles so the drives can see you.
    You should drive ahead of or behind the other vehicles.
    It is safest to drive in the lane next to the center line.

8. You just sold your vehicle. You must notify the DMV within ___ days.


9. You are involved in a minor accident at an intersection. There are no injuries and very little vehicle damage. You should:

    Leave your vehicle in the traffic lane until law enforcement arrives.
    Move your vehicle out of the traffic lane, if possible.
    Not move your vehicle for any reason.

10. If you have a green light, but traffic is blocking the intersection:

    Stay out of the intersection until traffic clears.
    Enter the intersection and wait until traffic clears.
    Murge into another lande and try to go around the traffic.

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