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Current test is California - Class M. Random 10 question out of a pool of 60 questions.

1. Eye protection:

    Is not needed if your motorcycle is equipped with a windshield.
    Is only needed when riding in bad weather.
    Should give a clear view to either side.

2. When the front tier goes flat while riding:

    Apply the rear brake and steer to the edge of the road
    Steer to the right and apply both breaks
    You will not be able to control the motorcycle

3. To predict how a hazard may affect you, it's important to:

    Watch for brake lights or turn signals
    Adjust speed to get around the hazard
    Know the speed, distance, and direction that the hazard is moving

4. Wearing a helmet will reduce your:

    Chances of head injury but increase your chances of a neck injury
    Chances of a fatal injury

5. If your throttle sticks:

    Squeeze the clutch and use the engine cutoff switch
    Shift to neutral and apply both brakes
    Downshift and apply both brakes

6. To execute a turn safely a motorcycle rider should always:

    Lean the motorcycle in the direction of the curve or turn.
    Slow down in the turn.
    Turn using the handle bars only.

7. Following Closely to a cehicle in front of you

    protects you in heavy traffic
    Helps you see hazards in the road
    Is a factor in crashes caused by motercyclists

8. Wearing a helmet will

    Increase your chances of a neck injury
    Reduce your chances of neck and head injuries
    Neither reduce nor increase your chances of a head injury

9. What is the best way to stay out of trouble while riding a motorcycle?

    To see it coming by looking well ahead.
    By avoiding high density traffic areas.
    By increasing the following distance between your motorcycle and the vehicle in front of you.

10. The ability to think clearly and ride safely is affected by as little as

    6 drinks
    3 drinks
    1 drink

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