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Current test is California - Class M. Random 10 question out of a pool of 60 questions.

1. What are the requirements for wearing a helmet?

    Passengers only are required to wear helmets.
    All motorcycle riders and passengers are required to wear helmets at all times.
    Helmets are not required while driving on city streets.

2. If you must carry a load it should be:

    Either over or in front of the rear axle.
    Carried on the gas tank in front of the driver.
    Piled up against a sissy bar or frame on the back of the seat.

3. To see better when following a vehicle at night

    Increase your following distance and use your low beam
    Drop far back and use your high beam
    Use the headlights of the vehicle ahead

4. Eye protection:

    Is not needed if your motorcycle is equipped with a windshield.
    Is only needed when riding in bad weather.
    Should give a clear view to either side.

5. If you must stop quickly while turning and you are unable to straighten the motorcycle first, apply the

    Front brake and increase your lean angle
    Brakes harder as the lean is reduced
    Brakes first and then lean away from the turn

6. Most crash-involved riders:

    Overbrake the rear tire
    Underbreak the rear tire
    Were experienced riders.

7. If your throttle sticks:

    Squeeze the clutch and use the engine cutoff switch
    Shift to neutral and apply both brakes
    Downshift and apply both brakes

8. Wearing a helmet will reduce your:

    Chances of head injury but increase your chances of a neck injury
    Chances of a fatal injury

9. Your motorcycle has two brakes. Use both brakes:

    Only for normal stops
    Only for emergency stops
    Every time your slow or stop

10. When the front tier goes flat while riding:

    Apply the rear brake and steer to the edge of the road
    Steer to the right and apply both breaks
    You will not be able to control the motorcycle

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